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TGI Fridays runs a Valentine’s Day campaign honoring “wingmen”

For Valentine’s day, TGI Fridays is honoring the unsung hero of romantic coupling, The Wingman. The restaurant chain is launching a promotional campaign next week that asks its Twitter followers to send in tweets containing the hashtag #ThanksWingman. The first 500 tweeters will receive…you guessed it, a plate of wings, or rather a $15 gift card for them.

The campaign will run February 10 to 14, or until 500 tweets have been received.

While you can expect tons of brands to be rolling out campaigns for Valentine’s Day, this one is a pretty novel approach. By focusing on the “bromance” rather than romance, TGI Fridays is staying true to its brand. It’s not exactly the place for a Valentine’s Day dinner. But that doesn’t mean it can’t find a way to be a part of the conversation. And by making all the contestants their Twitter followers, it’s a quick way to gain an instant audience, and generate a good deal of buzz. 

For Twitter users, its a decent incentive to enter, since it isn’t really a competition. You just get rewarded for showing up first. Although I do hope people have some really funny tweets for the #ThanksWingman hashtag. 

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