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Tesla introduces upgraded Model 3 Performance car

Upgraded Performance
Upgraded Performance

Tesla recently unveiled an upgraded Model 3 Performance car, exhibiting substantial enhancements in speed and distinctive visual features. The Performance variant stands out from the regular model with its refined front and rear bumpers, carbon fiber spoiler, and shiny wheels, presenting a refreshing redesign.

Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s chief designer, insists on the functionality of the design modifications. The remodeled front bumper enhances the car’s aerodynamics, while the polished alloy wheels contribute to increased range and improved ride quality, thus adding visual appeal and range efficiency at the same time. Moreover, traditional side mirrors have been replaced with compact efficient cameras, further improving efficiency and range.

In the updated Model 3 Performance, the distinction from the standard dual-motor version becomes more evident. Notable updates include a subtly designed trunk lid spoiler, enhancing visual attractiveness and practicality, while simultaneously offering better aerodynamics for higher efficiency.

Exploring Tesla’s enhanced Model 3 Performance

The interior layout also introduces changes with upscale materials and advanced tech features, setting the Performance apart from the standard Model 3.

The Model 3 Performance now stands on 20-inch forged Performance wheels, a step up from the standard Model 3’s 19-inch wheels. These robust wheels provide not only an improved steering experience but also enhanced car responsiveness. Moreover, comfort has been taken up a notch with all-new sports seats, designed to increase comfort and support during spirited driving.

In a bid to raise the bar even further, Tesla has integrated upgraded brakes and adaptive dampers on the Model 3 Performance car. Promising smoother rides and heightened safety, and superior control and stability, the upgrades undoubtedly set a new standard in the electric car sector. With the blend of advanced technology and sophisticated aesthetic appeal, the new Model 3 Performance is a significant milestone worth examining in person.

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