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TerraClear obtains $15M, advancing ag-tech capabilities

TerraClear Advancement
TerraClear Advancement

Agricultural technology (ag-tech) startup, TerraClear, just received a substantial boost of $15M in funding. This will greatly aid TerraClear in advancing and tailoring its pioneering technology. Importantly, these resources are assigned to better research and development efforts, and also to expand services to a wider range of U.S. farms.

The principal product of TerraClear is a sophisticated mechanical system that leverages state-of-the-art machine learning to remove rocks from fields. This innovation increases agricultural efficiency and has drawn the interest of several major investors, further elevating TerraClear’s standing in the ag-tech industry.

This injection of funds has raised TerraClear’s total investment to a considerable sum, illustrating investor faith in TerraClear’s fresh approach to a widespread agricultural difficulty. The company is resolved to utilize these funds to grow its unique rock-mapping and picking technologies. Their goal is to make their technologies readily available and more prevalent in the agricultural technology sector.

They are also aiming to use this opportunity to build robust relationships within the sector and set themselves up as a progressive part of the movement to integrate technology into agriculture.

TerraClear’s growth in ag-tech through funding

Significant contributors to this successful round of funding include the Madrona Venture Group, TerraClear’s CEO, and numerous angel investors.

Established in 2017, TerraClear has its sights set on simplifying farmland land clearing. The company has invented a unique device, supported by AI technologies and software, that allows for efficient mapping and removal of rocks from agricultural lands. This blend of sophisticated AI and intuitive user interface provides a system that is simultaneously powerful and user-friendly. By utilizing such technology, farmers can make significant cost and time savings, boosting farm productivity.

In an exciting development, TerraClear is not only selling Rock Pickers. It’s also pitching a suite of rock-related services, inclusive of a detailed Rock Map with rates of $4 per acre, and expert rock-clearing services priced between $2 to $9 per acre.

Working mostly in Minnesota and Iowa, TerraClear is currently testing an autonomous rock picking machine. To date, the forward-thinking company has successfully raised a commendable $53 million in funding and employs a strong team of 40 employees.

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