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TeaLeaf launches TeaLeaf cxView

TeaLeaf, a provider of online customer experience management solutions, has rolled out TeaLeaf cxView and released the latest version of TeaLeaf CX.

San Francisco-based TeaLeaf said that these new enhancements enable e-business executives to move beyond online customer problem identification and resolution to true e-business optimization.

TeaLeaf cxView is the latest addition to the company’s family of CX customer experience analytics applications. It provides e-businesses with customizable dashboards and scenario impact analysis reports that analyze customer experience metrics to better understand the why customers succeed or fail with key e-business processes.

TeaLeaf said that for the first time, any e-business stakeholder — from IT management to the CEO – can track key performance indicators of the success or failure of online customers, services or business processes to discover in real time the issues and obstacles that cause vital metrics to exceed or fall below defined business goals.

When these KPIs, such as conversion rates, change, business or IT users can drill down in just a few clicks into specific online customer sessions using TeaLeaf’s sophisticated analytic tools to determine the precise reason for the decline and make changes before they have a significant impact on the business.

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