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Target to Start New Marshall Field's Direct Catalog

Target Corp. soon will launch a new national catalog for its Marshall Field's brand as part of changes begun in its direct division that included a relaunch of target.com, the company said yesterday.

The Minneapolis retailer said the catalog would be called Marshall Field's Direct. But it would not disclose details like frequency, drop dates, number of SKUs, page count and size of mailing. The book, however, is expected to come in home, apparel and gift collection variants.

Consumers can request the catalog at target.com.

Target declined comment for this article.

Marshall Field’s has a catalog and Target did not specify how the new catalog would differ.

In its announcement, Target said the same Marshall Field's assortment will be featured on target.com. The site will be the hub for Field's as well as Target's Mervyn's store chain as part of a consolidation led by the 2-year-old target.direct division.

Clicking www.fields.com or www.mervyns.com will lead users to target.com, a site supported by Seattle-based Amazon.com Inc.'s e-commerce platform. Amazon will continue to fulfill orders purchased under the Marshall Field's and Mervyn's brands on target.com. Amazon also hosts the Target store on its Web site.

According to comScore Media Metrix, target.com in June attracted 5.6 million unique visitors, making it the second-largest department store Web site. Walmart.com was ranked No. 1, with 7.6 million unique visitors that month. ComScore ranks both discounters under the department store Web site segment.

Amazon is the second-largest retail site, with U.S. traffic in June at 28.6 million visitors, according to comScore Media Metrix. EBay was ranked No. 1 in that period, with 32.9 million unique visitors. Target.com was No. 25 among all retail sites.

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