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Survey: Order, Shipping Info Are Top Features for Online Buyers

E-mail order verification and shipping confirmation are the most important features on a consumer-based e-commerce site, according to Millard Group's latest quarterly online survey.

“The results for these two features were at the top, with over 86 percent of the participating consumers indicating that these were 'must haves' for them,” Lilliane LeBel, director of marketing services in Millard's research division, said in a statement.

The survey identified having a corresponding catalog as third most important, with 55 percent saying that they shop online with a catalog in hand.

According to the survey, the two areas that could use the most improvement were being able to see the product clearly and availability of inventory.

The majority of anticipated holiday shopping was split between retail and the Internet. Twenty-five percent said they planned to spend less at the stores, while 31 percent said they planned to spend more online.

The results are based on more than 23,000 responses from online buyers, conducted July 9-30.

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