Successful habits of the 25 most socially engaged companies on LinkedIn

LinkedIn and research firm Altimeter Group recently teamed up to conduct a study highlighting the habits of the top 25 most socially engaged brands. The study identified the following brands as leading the way when it comes to social engagements:

Of course, since this is a LinkedIn study, a lot of the brands featured here are more B2B focused, since that’s the type of engagement that the LinkedIn platform is most suited for. So when they say “socially engaged,” they really mean “engaged on LinkedIn.” However, it’s worth noting the practices of these companies, especially within the professional networking platform.

Here are some of the key findings from the study:

Sharing = Optimism

Employees of the top socially engaged companies are far more optimistic than those of general companies we interviewed: 52% versus 41%. 

Social engagement leads to competitive advantages

– 57% of employees at socially engaged companies are more likely to, “feel LinkedIn has allowed them to get more sales leads.”

– 58% are more likely to, “feel LinkedIn has allowed their company to attract great new talent.”

Social engagement starts at the top

– Compared to other companies that were not as socially active, executives of companies on the top 25 list were 52% more likely share and curate content, and 50% more likely to encourage employees to do the same. 

Check out the rest of the findings in the infographic below:

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