Stevens-Knox Hires Kleid Execs

Stevens-Knox & Associates announced March 12 the hiring of Richard Vergara, Jeff Kobil and Nick Sarantakos as vice presidents of Stevens-Knox List Brokerage. Vergara was president and CEO of Kleid Co., which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week. Kobil was president of list brokerage at Kleid, while Sarantakos was a vice president. Recently, Stevens-Knox had been discussing acquiring Kleid, but the deal did not go through. Vergara said that he had gotten to know Ralph Stevens and Jim Knox during merger talks and “became convinced that the chemistry was right and that we would be a good fit within their organization.” Stevens told DM News that Kleid and “the folks there had been like a role model” for him. “You have a home here,” he said describing the hiring. “Let's go on from here.”

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