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Stayhealthy.com, Dell Computer Ink Deal

Stayhealthy.com, Monrovia, CA, announced yesterday that it signed a strategic marketing agreement with Dell Computer Systems, Round Rock, TX, which calls for both to help promote the other throughout the world. The marketing plan, up to this point, includes complementary marketing programs.

Terms already agreed upon include Dell selling its branded products and services to Stayhealthy.com for internal use and resale. Dell expects the first year of the agreement to generate sales in the area of $5 million. Dell has agreed to Stayhealthy.com’s request to evaluate the possibility of offering Stayhealthy.com’s Web-enabled BC1 Composition Analyzer and CT1 Personal Calorie Tracker products as Dell Readyware products. Stayhealthy.com also will be listed as an alliance partner on the Dell Healthcare Web site.

And as a strategic partner, Stayhealthy.com also has agreed to include “Powered by Dell” on its Web site and has granted the right to bundle Dell products and services with its own product and service offerings. It is granting Dell a nonexclusive license to distribute, reproduce and install the software programs and materials relating to Stayhealthy.com’s products on Dell-branded products.

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