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Statlistics releases 7 more AMI files

Danbury, CT-based Statlistics, list manager for leading celebrity journalism and health and fitness magazines publisher American Media Inc., has released seven new datacards for AMI.

Each of the seven new files has at least a half million names, with the majority leaning closer to two or three million.

Every file is comprised of the names of the subscribers to at least one of AMI’s many publications, including Country Weekly, Fit Pregnancy, Flex, Globe Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Mira!, Muscle & Fitness, National Enquirer, National Examiner, Natural Health, Shape and Star.

The files are selectable by AMI Agent Sold Subscribers, AMI Direct to Publisher Masterfile, AMI Health & Fitness Seniors, AMI Hotline Masterfile, AMI Megafile, AMI Men and AMI Women.

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