State Farm enhances its mobile site

Auto insurance provider State Farm has redesigned its mobile website to offer consumers simplified navigation and faster access to product and service information, said Eli Winn, manager of State Farm’s enterprise Internet solutions.

“We determined that a redesigned mobile website offered us the opportunity to redefine our mobile presence by creating a consistent user experience across multiple access points,” said Winn.

The new site will feature a tile-based navigation system that organizes information in a more logical way, an enhanced notification system and a quicker way to connect to a State Farm agent.

Winn said the motivation behind the redesign, which began in 2011, was to provide better mobile solutions to existing and potential policy holders, and was not done for the purpose of collecting additional information.

“This effort was heavily driven by user feedback. We also leveraged research based on customer expectations when using a mobile website to complete self-service tasks and learn more about products and services,” Winn said.

State Farm developed the redesign in-house and declined to reveal any vendor partners who may have collaborated.   

The insurance company first launched its mobile site,, in June 2006. It then launched in December 2010.  

“The redesign is part of our effort to refresh our mobile offerings,” Winn said.

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