Spike TV to launch ‘Flip Men’ sweepstakes

Spike TV will launch a sweepstakes campaign on Nov. 15 to promote the TV series “Flip Men,” said Todd Ames, VP of consumer marketing at the cable network. Spike will leverage the sweepstakes to create an online community centered on the program and collect data to market the series and cross-promote other products.

The network will present a live event on the evening of Nov. 15 to launch the sweepstakes, featuring stars of the established series “Auction Hunters” as well as stars of the new “Flip Men.” During the event, Spike will unveil details of the sweepstakes.

Consumers will be able to enter the contest via Spike.com, Twitter and a new microsite, Flipforcash.spike.com. The winner of the grand prize will receive $50,000 and home renovation advice from the hosts of “Flip Men.” Spike will also award 50 consumers with $500 toward home improvements.

“We have a young series in its first season trying to get traction,” said Ames. “The main goal is to get awareness, but you also need to break through and you need something of interest. We’re trying to deliver purposeful entertainment. We want our marketing to reflect that.”

He added, “If we’re successful with this campaign, we can create evangelists and we can ask them to help us promote and spread goodwill around the show.”

To promote the campaign, Spike TV will send email and direct mail to consumers in its database, and via on-air promos.

Spike TV worked with agency Marden-Kane on the campaign, though it was created mostly in-house, said Ames.

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