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Speaker Says Now Is A Good Time to Market Overseas

NEW YORK — Now is a good time for direct marketers to enter overseas markets because so many countries have become richer, said Al Goodloe, president of Direct International Inc., New York.

“Higher oil and commodity prices are pouring billions and billions and billions of dollars into Asia, Latin America and the Middle East,” said Goodloe, who spoke at yesterday's International Day 2005 at the Harvard Club. “There are new economic giants that are rising literally from the ashes: China, India, Russia and Brazil. Now is the time to go, and now is the time for top management to get cracking to realize this opportunity.”

The Direct Marketing Association's International Council sponsored the event.

Goodloe also offered seven strategies that he said will accelerate international growth, including pursuing a global strategy by assessing response from a selection if countries rather than one country or one region, and putting direct marketing at the center of your marketing efforts.

The council also awarded Goodloe with a special award for extraordinary achievement. For 25 years, he has managed international campaigns running into millions of pieces a year and is author of “Publishers Guide to Successful Multinational Mailings” and “Collection of Tests Conducted by Leading Multinational Publishers.”

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