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Southern Mississippi students shine at national design awards

Mississippi Design Shine
Mississippi Design Shine

Graphic Design students at The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) have maximized their potential in the Student American Advertising Federation (AAF) National Awards. The awards highlight the strong capability of design strategies encompassed by the students and their creative campaigns.

The esteemed awards accentuate the exceptional quality offered by the USM Graphic Design program. This accomplishment is a testament to the dedicated faculty, who provide superior education and professional growth opportunities.

Josie Russell and Karson Gunn, recent graduates, set new standards of success within the Graphic Design program with their remarkable achievements. Their novel designs and impressive project executions earned them widespread recognition.

Associate Professor of Design, Jacob Cotton praised the students’ accomplishments, attributing it to the high-quality work consistently produced by the university’s students.

USM graphic design students excel in national awards

In his commendation, he emphasized the exemplary design acumen demonstrated by the students and expressed his pride.

Russell’s “What Big Teeth” motion graphics project showcased exceptional creativity and meticulous attention to detail. Her work, inspired by “American Horror Stories,” demonstrated her expertise in blending elements of classic horror themes with modern graphic design techniques, leaving a powerful impression on viewers.

Through her unique and humorous campaign, Gunn was applauded for breaking down stereotypes associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Her strategy was praised for being constructive, enlightening, and presenting an important message about health conditions.

Both protégés expressed immense joy and pride in receiving the awards. Gunn referred to the award as the “perfect culmination” of her journey at Southern Miss, while her classmate Moore expressed “utter elation.” They acknowledged the Southern Miss community and thanked them for their unyielding support.

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