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Social media management platform NUVI adds post scheduling and real-time interactions feed

Social media listening and engagement tool NUVI added two new features to enhance its platform this week.

NUVI’s traditional strength has been in its visualizations for social media listening and analysis, but now its also adding a building out its publishing features, adding an option for users to schedule social media posts ahead of time to post directly on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. NUVI only recently added publishing capabilities to social media channels in July of this year, so the scheduling feature was an expected update.

Another added feature is a new “Feed” view where NUVI users can now see the most recent 1000 social media mentions of the brand across all its channels, collected in one stream. The feed pulls from Automattic, Disqus, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube and millions of news sources. Users can filter the feed to focus on a specific platform, author, gender, influence or reach.

“NUVI is growing rapidly. We are consistently adding features that enhance our product value as we expand,” said Keith Nellesen, CEO of NUVI. “We are in tune with our customers, and both these new features were created in response to user feedback. We are dedicated to offering a visually intuitive and distinctive product that makes it easy for our customers to make quick but informed decisions that bolster their brand and enhance business opportunities.”

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