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Social intelligence platform Sysomos gets more data firepower

Social listening and intelligence platform Sysomos is improving its speed and data capacity in a big way.

This week, Sysomos announced that it was upgrading its processing technology to a new Grid infrastructure that will allow it to cope with the exponentially increasing social data being created every day. The new Grid will enable Sysomos’ platform to analyze over a trillion follower relationships in a single calculation and process nearly a billion conversations per day.

The increased speed and data capacity is a welcome development for Sysomos, as it becomes an increasingly popular social media listening platform, competing with the likes of Radian6 and Spredfast. As a Sysomos spokesperson put it, “Those relying on legacy infrastructures are trying to compete with a 4-cylinder engine while those with Grid have a V8 under the hood.”

It will also help it deal with the massive interactions data cache coming in from Tumblr, which gave access to its firehose of data to Sysomos’s MAP and Heartbeat platforms earlier this year.

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