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Smart Cookies Rely on Content Marketing [Infographic]

Content can sweeten a marketing mix. But if CMOs don’t take a publisher’s approach to content marketing and involve the entire organization, then their plans can crumble.

According to the Forbes CMO Practice’s “Publish or Perish” report, more than 80% of the 380 marketing executives surveyed have already started collaborating with sales, IT, HR, and finance to set up editorial organizations and systems to help them create, manage, and distribute content at scale. What’s more, 96% of respondents agree that marketing content’s structure and quality are essential to meeting their growth goals and are increasingly defining the CMO’s role.

But it’s not all gumdrops and candy canes. According to the report, 61% of marketing executives say it’s difficult for salespeople to find the marketing content they need when they need it; plus, less than half (46%) of respondents align content to their customers’ journeys or purchase processes.

Still not convinced content marketing needs to be baked into your organization? Consult the infographic below.

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