Sizmek Signs Partner to Add Store Inventory to Mobile Ads

Sizmek, a global, third-party ad server, has announced a partnership with Retailigence that could give the company a higher profile with retail advertisers in the mobile channel.

Retailigence is a data company that focuses not on consumer behavior, but on retail shelves and storerooms. Its database holds in-stock information on more than 20 million products at over two million retail locations.

“Great digital ad creative is driven by how brands use data to make their content relevant and useful. Now advertisers can deliver mobile ads that help customers find all the info they need to go shop at nearby stores with the right inventory in stock,” said Sizmek SVP of Business Development Andrew Bloom about the capabilities provided by Retailigence.

One of the key pieces of information that active shoppers seek in searches is product availability at specific retail outlets. In testing a new app released for car shoppers last week, for instance, Edmunds found that the question most asked of dealerships was, “Is the car in stock?”

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