Size-For-Value, Recycling are top DM Priorities for British Marketers

Aligning mailer size to customer value, as well as the use of recycled materials in direct mail, are regarded as the two key DM priorities for the next 18 months by top British marketers.

These finding were gleaned from a study by Britain’s top 1000 company marketers by Corporate Mailing Matters, a mailing services provider in London. The findings were released July 10.

The survey revealed that 60 percent of respondents regard achieving the next round of government targets for the use of recycled materials in direct mail as a key priority over the next year. This provides a positive perspective on the likelihood of direct mail achieving the government target of 55 percent recycled materials by 2009.

Even more important was aligning the size of a mailer with the value, or potential value, of the customer or prospect. This, in tandem with the introduction of Royal Mail’s Pricing in Proportion, shows a strong move in the British marketing arena toward targeting within the physical nature of the mail piece. This move follows the targeting improvements made since 2001 that have brought average campaign volumes down from more than 170,000 to below 90,000.

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