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Siemens Wins USPS Work on Mail-Sorting Systems

Siemens Dematic AG, Nuremberg, Germany, a subsidiary of Siemens AG, said yesterday that it won an order from the U.S. Postal Service worth $370 million to enhance select high-tech mail sorters in an effort to shorten mail-processing times.

The enhancements will provide the technology to replace 646 multi-line optical character readers with 395 new machines. In addition, the USPS will upgrade 217 existing delivery bar-code sorters and all of its 1,086 automated facer cancelers.

The upgrades will increase the systems' address-reading speed about 20 percent and raise sorting depth almost fourfold, according to Siemens.

Work should start in the next 12 months and be completed by summer 2007.

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