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She Put the Huff in HuffPo

After just over ten years on the bridge, Arianna Huffington is stepping down as editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, the news site and blog she founded in 2005 and which was acquired by telecomms giant Verizon last year when it bought the HuffPo’s owner AOL for $4.4 billion.

Verizon doubled down on that deal with its purchase of Yahoo’s core business for $4.83 billion just a few weeks ago. Verizon’s strategy–whatever it might be–won’t be affected by this announcement. But what’s next for Arianna herself?

She says her new health and wellness advisory business Thrive Global–a sort of worldwide Goop–needs her full.attention. But anyone who’s attended her conference appearances over the last couple of years–as I have–knows where she believes health and wellness begin.

In a good old long night’s sleep.

Her much-promoted book The Sleep Revolution argues that logging less than seven hours sleep per night is a health hazard, and outlines an elaborate night-time sleep ritual. Maybe that fits better with running a wellness business than being editor-in-chief of a 24/7 news site embroiled in the politics and issues of the day?

I don’t know: I suspect I’d sleep pretty well on a net worth of $50 million whether I was running the New York Times, the Huffington Post or a YouTube channel.

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