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SEO Analysis and Why It’s Important to Your Business

SEO analysis

The internet is the world’s biggest market. Obviously having the best real estate would matter regardless of what that market is. The internet is the connective tissue from your business and services to the other end of whoever is looking for such offers. So, let’s talk about SEO analysis and how this impacts your business.

The general premise of how things are found on the internet needs no explanation. You find the bar, enter your query, and the results are curated right there in front of you in a matter of moments. You take a look, find some results, and hop on a path of links – maybe via images. And…BAM you are brought to the service or maybe a set of similar services which you are willing to buy.

A small, somewhat ironic divergence, the ‘100 Million Dollar Man’ Alex Hormozi often cites his value equation that dictates what provides worth to an individual. The top half is all about benefit provision, what the company is providing you. How good does it get –  basically? The bottom, the factor by which it is divided, focuses on how long it takes to find the value and the relative “struggle” in the value’s achievement.

Essentially, a whole new substratum of value comes from the mitigation of ill-intended recompense, in seeking the initial value. (How hard is it going to suck to get what I want, and what is the value to me in having it suck less).

All of this is to say that low effort and saving time matter to people. And that is to say, if you aren’t within the first half of the first page it is unlikely you will be discovered.

Search Engine Optimization is the understanding of how the search system operates and how to best use the searched terms to bump up your ranking on the page. There are several ways to achieve those upper spots:

Pay for It

Not the most idyllic or admirable per se, but it is one of the easiest and most instant ways to get to the top in SEO analysis. From there it becomes a question of Click Through and Conversion Rate. From there it’s simple math.

Optimize Your Site

This means having lots of high-quality content and good, pertinent links coming from your site. Search Engine Bots that crawl the internet highly favor good content to improve user involvement. That means posting frequently and making sure that the content is solid.

Use Keywords

This is where it gets key, no pun intended. Keywords have numerous ins and outs to them. These include a web page’s slug, bidding wars for the best keywords, and their integration into content on the site.

All of this includes “Search Engine Analytics.” More poignantly SEO Analytics are:

  • Total Search Queries
  • Most Common Queries
  • Click-Through Rates
  • Conversion Rates
  • Exit Rates
  • Type of Devices Used to Make the Search
  • Time of Day

All of these factors are the raw data. It should not be surprising then why this is important to any business. It dictates who is searching for your field, what they’re specifically looking for, when they’re looking for it, how your site is performing, when people leave, etc.

By knowing these factors you can have a clear idea of what is happening and who is making it happen, how far they’re going, and once again, so on. This helps target your market and set up your site to help close deals. Additionally, it gets the page rank up so you’re ranking toward the top of the chart for those queries.

In short SEO Analysis helps you to take what you have and get more sales, more often without altering your actual product or service.

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