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Schillinger to Depart Direct Media

Direct Media Inc. CEO Jerry Schillinger announced his resignation yesterday, a week after list companies DMI and Paradysz Matera decided to merge. Schillinger assumed the DMI position in March.

In an e-mail sent to DMI staffers, Schillinger said, “We have discussed the best way to proceed with the leadership of the new company, and we have made the correct and thoughtful decision to have Chris Paradysz take the helm as president.”

Paradysz is founder/CEO of Paradysz Matera, New York.

According to DMI chairman David W. Florence, the shift is not a reflection on Schillinger's abilities.

“It's been terrific having Jerry, but Chris has been running a very successful brokerage operation for 10 or 11 years now, and there's really only room for one person to be there,” he said.

Although it is unclear exactly what Schillinger will do next, he plans to spend the next three weeks helping DMI, Greenwich, CT, with the transition, according to the e-mail.

After that he plans to start a job search for a position in which he can use his 18 years of direct marketing experience.

“I want to take all the skills and abilities that I have and help another company grow and be profitable,” said Schillinger.

Florence stressed that DMI hopes to remain associated with Schillinger.

Schillinger and DMI's relationship goes back about 15 years to Schillinger's time with direct mailers Spiegel, FTD Direct and Spilsbury Inc.

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