SAS to Introduce Vertical CRM Software

SAS Institute, an analytical CRM and data warehousing vendor, is expected to debut today enterprise marketing automation software for the credit card, telecommunications, and insurance industries.

The foundation for all three is SAS’ campaign management, data warehousing and data mining software.

The software integrates customer analytics with campaign management. Campaigns, as a result, can be based on up-to-date customer intelligence.

“Analytics incorporated into EMA solutions are essential for optimizing customer interactions and enhancing the customer's relationship with an organization,” said Gabriele Dobenecker, a program director with META Group, Stamford, CT. “Companies that provide a tight integration of sophisticated analytics and EMA functionality give organizations a head-start in customer intimacy.”

In addition, according to SAS, the new applications can be implemented quickly — in as low as three months, compared with the industry norm of six months for EMA solutions.

Cary, NC-based SAS expects to distribute the new software through its direct sales channels with first customer shipments in fourth quarter 2001.

SAS also today was to release IntelliVisor for Retail, an application service provider software designed for retailers who want advanced customer intelligence but lack the technology to analyze data internally.

According to SAS, IntelliVisor delivers intelligence on e-business transactions that let retailers build more profitable relationships with their customers. The software provides intelligence on how customers interact with the e-channel, which customers buy which products through it, and which type of marketing campaigns are most effective in encouraging customers to buy online. Retailers can improve Web-site offerings, more effectively target marketing campaigns and successfully cross and up-sell to existing customers, the company said.

Through IntelliVisor, SAS receives daily reports of e-business data over a secure, password-protected link. Overnight, SAS applies its analytics to the data and returns a variety of reports showing how strategic objectives compare to forecasted expectations.

Already in use at multiple sites, SAS said IntelliVisor has delivered a payback of up to 300 percent within three months.

“SAS IntelliVisor is generating an outstanding return on investment here,” said Jeff Parnell, vice president/general manager of e-commerce at Blair Corp., a catalog and online retailer. “In addition to using IntelliVisor to fine-tune our strategy, our e-commerce team of market researchers, site designers, and merchandisers use IntelliVisor to better understand the needs of online customers.”

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