SAS Acquires Campaign Management Software Business From Intrinsic

SAS Institute has acquired Intrinsic, a campaign management software vendor based in the United Kingdom, for an undisclosed sum, SAS said yesterday.

The acquisition follows a partnership through which SAS, an analytical customer relationship management solutions vendor, and Intrinsic developed the end-to-end SAS Solution for Enterprise Marketing Automation. The partnership was announced in June 2000, when SAS invested 4 million pounds ($5.78 million) in Intrinsic.

“We recently announced a strategy to begin acquiring technology that complements our solutions when it will help us bring those solutions to market more quickly,” said Jim Goodnight, president/CEO of SAS, Cary, NC. “Our initial partnership with Intrinsic proved that we could be very successful offering an end-to-end analytic CRM solution.”

According to SAS, the SAS Solution for EMA helps companies increase customer retention, reduce costs and improve return on investment through faster campaign execution, improved targeting accuracy using SAS analytics and the ability to apply results of one campaign to the refinement of the next one.

In addition, the solution allows SAS customers to control all aspects of a marketing campaign from their desktops. The solution also improves the process by eliminating unproductive marketing activities and automating essential tasks associated with campaign management, communications and reporting.

Shaun Doyle, an Intrinsic spokesman, said, “The acquisition of Intrinsic by SAS means that we will now have available to us the full global resource of one of the world's leading software vendors. This will mean improved solutions for our customers and will allow more organizations to benefit from SAS' EMA solution.”

An analyst and a customer of both SAS and Intrinsic believe this is a positive move for the companies.

“The acquisition of Intrinsic — one of the leading European campaign management tools — by SAS, one of the world's leading data mining vendors, should enable the creation of a compelling enterprise marketing automation solution,” said Gareth Herschel, CRM and business technology analyst at Gartner, a research firm in Stamford, CT.

Jim Wallace, marketing director at Direct Line, an insurance provider in the United Kingdom, said, “As a long-standing joint existing customer of both Intrinsic and SAS, Direct Line is looking forward to consolidating its relationship with SAS as its new, single supplier. The acquisition is a natural progression for Intrinsic from its current partner relationship with SAS.”

Intrinsic staff will be offered employment at SAS.

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