San Pellegrino gives you a chance to experience “Three Minutes in Italy”

Drinks company San Pellegrino has a cool little promotion on  its Facebook page which enable fans to virtually tour Italy for three minutes, using robots. 

Ogilvy & Mather in New York partnered with Deeplocal to create five robots that can be controlled by its Facebook fans to walk up and down the streets of Taormino, Italy, where San Pellegrino gets most of its ingredients.

The robots can be controlled using the arrows on the app and you can even use them to talk to local residents using two way audio and a translation program. Of course, there’s a San Pellegrino brand ambassador accompanying the robots the entire time to promote the brand as well as make sure people don’t capture the robots and use them for evil.

For shy fans, there’s an option to simply view Italy and not engage anyone. They can use the “skybot” or an overhead camera that gives a bird’s eye view of the city. 

And, if you’re really enterprising, you can even use the robot to hit on the locals, as one virtual Casanova shows in the second video posted below. 

San Pellegrino is a relatively new brand so this is a great, digitally innovative way for it to get out in front as well as get some great multimedia content they can utilize on social media.

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