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Salesgenie.com Super Bowl ad generates 10,000 registrations

Database services provider infoUSA Inc. claims to have generated more than 10,000 registrations from potential new customers as a result of its 30-second Super Bowl XLI spot for its Salesgenie.com lead generation service.

The exposure to tens of millions of football fans watching the Indianapolis Colts play the Chicago Bears is said to have sent a surge of traffic to the Web site at www.salesgenie.com and search engines like Google and Yahoo.

“We are tremendously pleased with the results and interest it has brought Salesgenie.com,” said D.J. Thayer, president of Omaha, NE-based infoUSA’s business group. “We are already thinking about the prospect of doing a spot again next year and looking into our options.”

Salesgenie.com is a subscription-based database service for small business owners, salespeople and entrepreneurs.

The cost of producing the Salesgenie.com campaign was not disclosed. A 30-second spot on CBS’ Super Bowl game broadcast typically cost $2.6 million.

Search engine marketing firm Reprise Media, in its Super Bowl Score Card, scored the Salesgenie.com spot as a “Touchdown,” meaning that the television ad connected to a search marketing campaign.

The spot at www.salesgenie.com/tv was a testimony to a salesperson’s success as a result of using Salesgenie.com. The ad was not supposed to be funny or entertaining. Its sole purpose was to bring in subscribers.

“The Super Bowl provided us the single best opportunity to put our product in front of 140 million viewers – many of which are Salesgenie.com’s target market,” Mr. Thayer said. “We knew if we could successfully reach just a few million, we would accomplish, even exceed, our goal of 700-plus subscribers.”

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