Salesforce to add predictive edge to marketing cloud

Salesforce today announced that it will add Predictive Decisions to its market cloud offering in May 2015.

More than just analytics to predict future customer behavior based on past data, Predictive Decisions will generate content, product or offer recommendations, across channels, for both web and mobile platforms–based on intelligence from known and anonymous customer profiles, updated in real time.

Put simply, it’s the familiar “You may be interested in this” product recommendation applied to any piece of content–and equally closely personalized. In an email interview, Gordon Evans, VP of product marketing at Salesforce told me: “Now digital marketers will be able to move beyond just predictive product recommendations on their website, and expand predictive decisions to every piece of content, from a white paper to a new video.”

Evans said that algorithms which underpin Predictive Decisions were automatically updated by feedback on results–machine learning, in other words, or artificial intelligence. 

“The algorithms on which the predictions are based are automatically updated, making each message tailored to the individual and the moment. This is absolutely a kind of machine learning–we are putting the power of machine learning and data science into the hands of marketers.”

Among the specific innovations under the Predictive Decisions umbrella are:

  • Collect Beacon: constantly driving behavioral data into the platform to update individual user profiles, and
  • Native Predictive Decisions: generating content modules based on Predictive Decisions for rapid delivery across market channels.

Predictive Decisions will automatically baked in to Salesforce’s Pro Edition.

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