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Saab Standardizes on Siebel

Saab, the Swedish car manufacturer, has implemented Siebel eBusiness Applications at all its locations, Siebel Systems Inc. said yesterday.

By allowing the automaker's sales, service and dealer organizations to share customer information seamlessly, Siebel eAutomotive — a version of Siebel eBusiness Applications tailored to the automotive industry — will enhance Saab's ability to acquire, service and retain customers worldwide.

As a result of the Internet's emergence as a purchasing channel, continuing automotive industry consolidation and a sophisticated customer base, Saab recognized the need for improved collaboration with its dealers to achieve a complete understanding of its customers.

By implementing Siebel eAutomotive globally, Saab is creating a single, comprehensive view of the customer. The company expects this approach to help it improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Saab also expects to increase sales, execute tailored marketing campaigns and reduce technology costs.

With Siebel eAutomotive, Saab's customers will be able to communicate with the company through whichever channel is most convenient — including the Internet, telephone or in person with a dealer. By managing all aspects of the customer relationship, including vehicle information, vehicle configuration, dealer location, vehicle service and related merchandise information, Siebel eAutomotive should allow Saab and its dealers to increase vehicle sales and service revenue while reducing overall costs and increasing productivity.

Using Siebel eDealer, a module of Siebel eAutomotive, Saab can maintain seamless communication with its dealers through the Internet, assign leads from marketing campaigns to the appropriate dealers and manage these leads to ensure closure.

With Siebel eCustomer, an additional component of Siebel eAutomotive, customers will communicate with their local dealers through the Internet on issues such as arranging a test drive, scheduling service or inquiring about an order.

Siebel Systems is based in San Mateo, CA.

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