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Royal Mail Raises Prices

Royal Mail raised the price of a basic second-class stamp from 20 pence to 21 pence on April 1.

The last price change was in May 2003, when 1 pence was added to the price of the basic first- and second-class stamp.

Prices for the basic first-class stamp and Special Delivery, Royal Mail's guaranteed, next-day delivery service, did not change. Prices fell, however, for all first-class mail weighing more than 351 grams by between 3 pence and 33 pence, depending on weight.

Prices for Royal Mail's standard parcel service increased for items weighing more than 1 kilogram. However, prices did not change for Parcelforce Worldwide's express, time-guaranteed parcels.

Prices also rose from 38 pence to 40 pence for airmail letters to Europe weighing up to 20 grams.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Post World Net, which includes the courier company DHL, said March 31 that it has gained access to Royal Mail's UK delivery network. Royal Mail will deliver business mail collected by Deutsche Post.

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