Rovi Releases World Cup Metadata

Entertainment discovery company Rovi has announced the worldwide availability of its 2014 World Cup metadata through Rovi Video.

Rovi’s archive of data includes descriptive background information on players, event history, and descriptions of players. Viewers will have access to facts and imagery of each team in multiple languages. As the Cup progresses and match-ups become clearer, Rovi plans to update program descriptions with appropriate keywords, links, and tags. Additionally, Rovi editors will update player profiles based on their performance during the tournament.

Through Rovi’s partnerships with consumer electronic device manufacturers, networks, online portals, and service providers, advertisers will be able to reach the highly engaged World Cup audiences via millions of cable boxes by integrating with the TV guides and menus that Rovi supports. “Rovi’s products and technologies are ready to help entertainment services increase fans’ enjoyment of the competition and allow marketers to reach an engaged audience of millions,” Rovi’s EVP of data solutions said in a statement.

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