Robinson radio launches direct response network

Robinson Radio Inc., an advertising agency focused on direct response radio, has launched Robinson Radio Network LLC (RRN), a national ad firm solely focused on developing and placing long-form radio programming. These advertisements can be up to 60 minutes in length.


“Long-form infomercials on television have been ubiquitous and embraced for a long time and yet, radio has been resistant,” said Buck Robinson, president and CEO of Robinson Radio Inc. “We expect the number of stations playing long-form radio programming to increase from 200 to 2,000 by the end of the year.”


Robinson said that at times the advertisements may sound more like editorial programming than infomercials, and that numerous advertisers may choose to participate in joint ventures. For example, for a home and garden long-form program, a hardware store may sponsor a segment on window treatments, while a fertilizer company might sponsor a segment on gardening. Robinson says often times these programs will run on overnight or weekend timeslots.


“[Before this initiative], if you wanted to be on 100 different radio stations, you would have to make 100 deals with 100 prices and sales managers,” Robinson said. “But we can send out the programming by satellite straight to our 85 affiliates.”


Founded in 2004, RRN can reach up to 12 million people per week and expects to reach 20 million to 60 million listeners by the beginning of 2009. 


“It’s taken a long time for advertisers to feel comfortable using long-form programming on the radio,” said Robinson. “The reason there’s a problem is there’s a mutual misunderstanding between media and marketing. But TV is more expensive and many advertisers aren’t seeing the ROI they’d like, so they’re opening up their eyes to other channels, like radio.”

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