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Reuters to syndicate Pluck’s Blog Burst

International news and financial company Reuters and social media organization Pluck Corp. recently partnered to syndicate third-party blog content.

The deal expands Reuters’ news and information service. The company has also made an investment in the privately held technology company.

Reuters will now offer Austin, TX-based Pluck’s BlogBurst blog service to thousands of its media partners worldwide.

BlogBurst contains more than 2,800 blogs serving content to news outlets such as The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle and the Austin American-Statesman.

Using BlogBurst, publishers can run the most relevant and useful blog posts alongside related stories. Featured topics include news, politics, sports, health, fitness, technology, gadgets, travel, food and entertainment.

The BlogBurst service also connects online voices from the blogosphere with mass-market news and information Web sites. Bloggers can benefit by gaining visibility, growing their audience and increasing traffic to their blogs.

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