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Retailer Gets Smart With WebTrends

MotorcycleSuperstore.com, a 7-year-old online retailer of power sports apparel and accessories, is using WebTrends On Demand for its content and commerce Web sites to track visitor behavior.

The company first chose the vendor's technology in 1999, but has been using the enhanced WebTrends 7 On Demand for the past three months. It is too early to gauge return on investment, but the retailer has gained knowledge.

“We've insight into what users are doing on the Web site, which gives us visibility into customer site behavior that we've never seen before with e-mails,” said Don Becklin, president of MotorcycleSuperstore.com, Medford, OR. “WebTrends breaks down general trends to uncover the underlying problems for us to address. They also provide insight into how our money is performing, like: are we buying good terms, and what products are people most interested in? We're now able to recognize online visitor trends and determine the next steps to further optimize business objectives.”

WebTrends 7 is designed to help marketers and retailers with complete conversion analytics. It offers integrated insights into how search rank affects revenue, how e-mail creative impacts campaign results and how visitor segments react differently to Web page content.

Also, WebTrends 7 can quantify the relationship between organic and paid search positions and revenue within a single WebTrends SmartReport for Microsoft Excel.

A 2004 Forrester Research report claims that search optimization, segmentation and campaign analysis often are cited as the most-used Web analytics product features. But marketers have trouble managing these programs because of incomplete metrics, data locked in various applications or applications that were too complicated to use.

MotorcycleSuperstore.com uses WebTrends on its commerce site to view revenue stream. It also uses WebTrends for traffic tracking and for its search engine terms to increase traffic online, to gauge how many people are using the site and what products are popular.

The retailer is using WebTrends' integrated e-mail marketing capability to determine the best method to push consumers from shopping carts to converted sales.

“The bottom line is conversion ratio,” Becklin said. “We needed to increase revenue and do a better job servicing our online customers. We knew that we had navigation and process problems and pages that we could get rid of. With WebTrends On Demand, the product has provided funnels that show us an in-depth analysis of what our customers are doing on our site.”

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