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15 Best Practices for Remote Workers in the Digital Marketing Industry

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It can be difficult working remotely without the accountability of being in the office and joining the office culture. Not only that, but in the digital marketing industry things can shift at the drop of a hat, especially for remote workers. Best practices to stay on top of your work take diligence and dedication. So on top of the benefits that remote work provides, we created a list of tips to stay on task. These also help you deliver exceptional work and keep your well-being a priority each day.

Here are our 15 key practices for working remotely in the digital marketing industry:

1. Write It Down

With every single piece of your work life being online, it is easy to lose track of what’s important or get lost in the “cloud” of online content. That’s why physically writing your To-Do list down each day can be helpful. Not only is it proven to help you better remember, but writing it down gives you a separate space to organize your daily plans without the clutter of your desktop or open tabs to distract you. Writing your list of tasks down allows you to de-stress because it organizes your thoughts and keeps you grounded in the present.

2. Take Breaks

While not everyone has the luxury of picking and choosing when to take breaks or pauses from work, if you do, take advantage. Setting regular times each day to get up, stretch, drink water, or eat is important. It keeps you working and performing at your best. Remote workers benefit from being at home for these breaks to walk around a favorite neighborhood path or placing their yoga mat on the floor and stretching in peace.

3. Set Boundaries

Without clear lines of in-office work and at-home relaxation, it can be difficult to distance work for remote workers. You need to know when enough is enough. That’s why setting clear boundaries, such as, “I’m stopping work today by 5:00 PM,” allows you to establish a healthy relationship with remote working.

4. Take Advantage of Your Location

Though remote working has its pros and cons, there is no question that the ability to work wherever in the world you desire is a major benefit. If you can, avoid staying holed up all day in your home office. Instead, go to a coffee shop, the library, or maybe even outside on your balcony. Mixing up your surroundings allows you to stay alert, excited, and motivated while doing your job. 

5. Dress Professional, Even Though You Don’t Have To

Despite it being easier and more convenient for a remote worker to stay in pajamas or athleisure all day, disciplining oneself in getting dressed and maintaining overall appearances is important. When you’re in your pajamas all day, you’re more likely to want to stay in bed or maintain that sleepy mood. However, switching it up and actually acting like you’re in the office helps remind and motivate you that you have a job to do.

6. Schedule Video Calls 

Even if you don’t necessarily have to speak to your colleagues over the phone, scheduling face-to-face video calls is important for not only efficiency but also alertness and a sense of community. Video calls also allow for clarity in the work environment because emails can be confusing and easy to misinterpret.  

7. Create a Morning Routine

Establish a regular set of habits for each morning before work. This helps you feel more prepared and ready for the work day. Working out, showering, and eating breakfast is an example of a simple routine that can make all the difference in allowing you to start off your days feeling confident and satisfied. 

8. Reduce Distractions 

As a remote worker, it’s a great deal easier to find excuses to step away from work. There’s that load of laundry you’ve been wanting to put away, or that new Netflix special just came out, or your dog begging for a walk. That’s why deciding on a designated room or area in your home that is separate from those distractions is key to successfully getting your work finished.

9. Set Boundaries with Family/Roommates 

Similar to the above practice, family or roommates in your home can be a major distraction that’s difficult to avoid. Setting ground rules with those around you about your work time is important for everyone in the environment in order to avoid any disarray. 

10. De-Clutter Your Computer

The best way to maintain efficiency is to maintain organization. Force yourself each day, or at the start of each week, to eliminate what you no longer need from your computer. This could include old emails, files, or documents that no longer serve a purpose. Create folders for projects, categorize your tasks, etc. Do what you have to do to stay organized to avoid getting bogged down by the clutter online. 

11. Stay Visible

If you’re at home every day, coworkers aren’t seeing you, and you can easily fall into the background. In order to avoid this, stay visible remotely. Reply in group chat threads often, answer quickly to emails and questions, and set your availability status on Outlook/Slack/Teams, etc. Stay relevant so that you can continue to be a go-to team member that colleagues appreciate, no matter where you’re working from. 

12. Stay Social

Isolation and loneliness are a big risk when it comes to remote working. Especially if you’re an introvert who enjoys alone time, making sure you’re keeping a healthy balance of alone and social time is vital to your physical and mental health. Scheduling times to see friends and family or getting out in the world whenever you can is necessary for remote workers. 

13. Set Timers on Projects

Challenge yourself to meet deadlines and stay ahead of schedule. This can be done by setting your own personal goals for your tasks and their completion dates. This allows you to avoid procrastination because you’re competing with yourself to achieve your goals. 

14. Take Time for Self-Care

You cannot begin to do a good job at work if you’re not doing a good job prioritizing yourself. Making sure that you’ve set aside the time, away from the computer, to meditate, read, or exercise—whatever it is—is important for all remote workers. 

15. Turn the Phone Off

When you’re not in the office, under the eyes of supervisors and colleagues, the temptation to glance at your phone is too strong. But soon that “glance” turns into an hour of scrolling on meaningless websites. Keep your phone off, or in another room to eliminate the temptation of distracting yourself from work with your phone. 


Remote work can be an excellent option for many in the digital marketing industry. By taking these tips and putting them into practice, you can make sure that you work efficiently. You also ensure that you stay connected and meet your company’s expectations.

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