Reddit Joins the Sprinklr Portfolio

When you think social media, you probably think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest — maybe Google+ too. But what about Reddit?

The self-styled front-page of the Internet, which turned twelve this year, is not just a news and media aggregator of course. It’s also a collection of sub-reddits — hundreds of thousands of user driven forums which collectively represent one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. It’s one of the top five websites in the U.S., according to Alexa, beating Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram according to Alexa’s metrics (it lags behind YouTube and Facebook).

At the same time, it’s maintained a reputation of being something of a wild west, spawning Reddits focused on pornography, violence, leaked photos, and fake news like “Pizzagate.” It’s a risky environment for brands, and many will choose not to play there: But for those who want to connect with the half a billion monthly visitors, the logistics just got easier.

Sprinklr, the billion dollar unicorn with social media management at the heart of its offering, today announced a partnership with Reddit which will allow brands to manage their Reddit presence directly from the Sprinklr dashboard. This makes Sprinklr the first enterprise social media management platform to have listening and publishing access to Reddit. In practice, that means the ability to:

  • Analyze Reddit pages for relevant conversations, route issues to correct employees, and receive and send messages, images, etc — all within Sprinklr
  • Access both real-time and historical Reddit data around topics of interest
  • React to crisis situations
  • Segement audiences for targeting

In effect, brands can now treat Reddit like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Some brands will likely remain hands-off, but brands trying to reach the 18-29 year demographic will take notice.

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