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Recent Movers Targeted Via Special Delivery

Madison Direct Marketing, Greenwich, CT, is offering advertisers an annual prospective customer base of more than 4 million people through a partnership for a new mover program with SWB Communications.

Through the Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages Special Delivery Program, Madison's advertisers will be able to reach new movers by placing inserts, samples and coupons into packages accompanying local telephone directories that residents receive within 48 hours of signing up for Southwestern Bell phone service. SWB Communications provides service for California, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and parts of Nevada.

The program is available in three segments: primary distribution, which goes annually to all of its customers; business-to-business directory; and new connect, which Madison is partnering with.

Madison is looking to get the hundreds of packaged good marketers, retailers and direct response companies that advertise with it to take part. It also wants to solicit new advertisers to sign up for the program. Madison handles direct marketing services for companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and America Online.

Ken Rini, director of direct response at Madison, said advertisers, including a number of long-distance phone service providers and home security companies, already have expressed interest. The first scheduled mailing will be in early 1999.

“A lot of them will find that being able to reach this market at that time will be very valuable,” he said. “It will also be cost effective in that they will be handling the cost of advertising with others and not on their own.”

Along with the phone directory, residents will receive pre-collated packages of inserts and samples hand-delivered by a local contractor. Distribution can be targeted by region, state, city or zones within larger cities. And it will target new residents living in single-family homes, apartments, mobile homes and other multiple unit buildings in those areas.

The program will cost more than Madison's own new mover program because of the speed that the new residents will be contacted. The cost of having inserts placed in the packages will range in price from $45 to $65 per thousand, while product samples will cost between $65 to $100 per thousand.

“This program fits with our lifestage- and lifestyle-based advertising strategy and complements our existing new homeowner promotion,” said Chris Hulse, president/CEO at Madison. “It allows us to take the entry point marketing concept we have established in the new parent marketplace and apply it to the new resident audience by reaching movers during the move, immediately after the move and six to 12 months later when the resident is in the process of turning the house into a home.”

“Madison's relationships with the major consumer advertisers will help us deliver additional value to our new Yellow Page customers,” said Jim Moore, general manager for Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages Advertising.

It's estimated that new movers spend up to five times more on products and services than established homeowners.

Madison's own new mover program puts its advertisers in contact with more than 250,000 new movers a month throughout the country. It also targets new parents, expectant parents, young families and families with computers.

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