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Real Digital Media launches Neocast Media Player GS

Real Digital Media, a digital signage company, announced the release of its Neocast Media Player GS this week.

A significant development with this product release is that the Neocast Media Player GS has a Windows-embedded operating system, which gives customers more flexibility in terms of file formats that can be supported, said Jason Broom, VP of marketing for Real Digital Media, which is based in Sarasota, FL.

The player, which is designed to store and play digital signage promotions and corporate communications, can support a variety of video, graphical and audio formats, including JPG, GIF, Macromedia Shockwave, Flash and QuickTime.

The player’s firmware also allows it to port to other Windows-based hardware platforms, Broom said. So, Real Digital Media’s applications can be used by other device manufacturers who want to incorporate digital signage features into their own products. For example, there are instances where the application could be integrated with a self-service kiosk, he said.

“This affords greater flexibility in future product developments for our company, plus allows us to offer digital signage as a value-added application to solution providers seeking to complement their core offering while increasing the return on the investment for their clients,” Broom added.


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