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Hispanicize Wire distributes multimedia content to US Hispanic/Puerto Rico media and bloggers on national, state, and city levels. It also provides exclusive proprietary social media distribution through many of the most highly influential Hispanic social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Clients have the option to post photos, YouTube videos, PDFs, biographies, presentations, brochures, and more on Hispanicize Wire’s website.

Monthly prices range from $99 to $499. There is no charge for text overage. Upgrades, such as translation and story features on, are available for an additional charge.

Joe Ramirez, MD of Burson-Marsteller Miami, began using Hispanicize Wire when it launched in October 2013.

How do you use it?
We write releases in English or Spanish – sometimes in both languages. Hispanicize Wire will translate a release for you if you want.

When we’re ready to distribute, I prefer to call Hispanicize Wire and tell them I have a release I need to get it out and let them know what markets I want to cover.

Then I email the release to Hispanicize Wire, and my contact asks exactly when I want it distributed and tells me what charge will be.

Usually within an hour or less of the time a release crosses the wire, Hispanicize Wire sends me an email telling me where it’s been posted. I get additional  updates that day and regular updates emailed for several days after that.

You can also distribute a release yourself. It’s really convenient for me to let my contacts at Hispanicize Wire distribute my releases because I’m always on the run.

I’ve never had any problems. One of the hallmarks of Hispanicize Wire is that people who work there are very dependable. If I did have a problem, I would call or email my contacts there.

How does it serve your business needs?
I manage Burson-Marsteller’s Latino US Hispanic business unit so I’m focused on getting messages out to the Latino community and media. I’m interested in reaching news outlets, but also high-traffic bloggers and other digital influencers. I know I’m going to get the coverage I want for my clients when I use Hispanicize Wire.

I’ve also used the platform for media advisories in advance of a press conference with very good results.

Before I joined Burson-Marsteller in February this year, I was supporting the nonprofit Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking. We supported the organization with a PSA and different content. I also put out a release through Hispanicize Wire in Spanish and English on January 11, which is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

I was aiming to reach the Florida circuit with that release. January 11 was a Saturday, but a local CBS reporter saw the release and wanted to do a segment that day. The story ran on the 6pm, 7pm, and 11pm news that night. If I had not issued that release through Hispanicize Wire, those stories wouldn’t have happened.

Because Hispanicize Wire is based in Miami, they have excellent pick-ups and contacts with local TV outlets and news bureaus. But I don’t use it only for Miami. I’ve used it for press conferences in New York City and Phoenix, AZ with great results.

What are the main benefits?
Hispanicize Wire knows the Hispanic media business really well and has excellent media contacts.

It also has outstanding reach into Latino social media. I trust them and customer service is great.

What are the main drawbacks?
There are no drawbacks for me.

What would you like to see improved / added?
I don’t feel it’s missing anything, but they’re always surprising me with new additions to the service. It seems like every time I use it, there is something new.

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