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Rauxa rebrands without ‘direct’ in name

Rauxa Direct will rebrand as Rauxa on June 1, signifying the company’s transition from direct mail services provider to full-service marketing agency.

The Costa Mesa, Calif.-based company will also launch a new website designed to be “more interactive” than previous versions, said CEO Jill Gwaltney. The site will also feature video of the firm’s creative work and blog posts by Rauxa executives.

The rebranding will also include a new logo with interconnected letters, added Gwaltney.

“We’re not undergoing too much of a radical change,” she said. “We wanted to update the name because we’ve been updating our services. We started as a direct mail company and then we added data and data strategies. We’ve now gotten to the point where we help clients acquire, engage, retain, grow and win back customers.”

Rauxa will promote the rebranding through an email campaign to clients and prospects. The initiative will invite recipients to watch a promotional video and visit the new website.

Gwaltney said Rauxa will not stop its direct mail services. She said mail is still an important part of the marketing mix and Rauxa “helps people integrate all marketing strategies.”

The agency is still determining a tagline for the rebranded firm. It is considering “Innovation validated by science,” said Gwaltney.

Rauxa began the rebranding process six months ago, she said, but it did not work with an outside branding firm on the project.

“One of the advantages of doing this in-house is that no one knows you better than you,” Gwaltney said. “The disadvantage is it takes a little longer.”

Rauxa’s client roster includes Verizon Wireless, Farmers New World Life Insurance Co. and DirecTV.

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