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Rate Hike Adds Relevance to firstLOGIC Mailer

FirstLOGIC dropped 20,000 self-mailers late last month promoting its Entry Planner Analytics application, which helps mailers analyze the effect of various rates, transportation costs and other postal factors on mailings.

Micki Heidtke, director of marketing at firstLOGIC, La Crosse, WI, said the mailer should have more effect than normal given the postal rate increases that take effect June 30.

The product was released in March, Heidtke said, and the sales cycle is expected to be 30 to 90 days for new customers and a few weeks for existing customers.

“Pricing for Entry Planner Analytics will be based on what the customer is looking to do and the size of the mailing and operation,” she said.

It can be used by businesses of all sizes. Since any company conducting mailings can use it, companies within many verticals are potential customers.

Most of the 20,000 recipients were prospects. The prospect mailings went mainly to mailroom managers at publishers and catalogers. FirstLOGIC bought a list for the prospect mailing.

The piece is a bi-fold self-mailer. FirstLOGIC uses the image of a crossed speed limit sign and winding road to tell businesses that regardless of the changes in the postal world, its product can allow them to proceed as quickly as they want.

Inside, the copy lists the product's benefits. As a call to action, recipients can request a free Entry Planner Analytics Resource CD that contains further information on the software as well as a demo. A Web address, e-mail address and phone number are provided for responses.

FirstLOGIC also sent an e-mail last week to the people who received the mailer. Based on responses from similar efforts over the past year, the company wasn't worried about upsetting anyone by hitting them twice with a pitch for the product.

“This past year has shown us that a few different impressions from a few different sources can be more effective than just sending one,” said Chris Colbert, industry marketing director at firstLOGIC.

The e-mail contained less information than the mailer. Heidtke described it as a high-level overview version of the mailer.

Response to the e-mails was more than 1 percent the morning after they were sent. Though it is still early, Colbert said, much response has come to both the mailer and e-mail, and a number of CDs have been requested.

Heidtke said no future campaigns for the product are planned yet but that the company will wait for final results of this effort before proceeding with other mailings.

Geebo, an agency based in Madison, WI, worked on the campaign with firstLOGIC. A print campaign, expected to run for the next six months, will appear in trade publications covering the mailing industry.

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