Quirky Marketing Trends That Work

I like things that are weird. You know—whimsical artwork, off-the-wall décor, underground music, peculiar restaurants. To me, idiosyncrasies make life interesting. In fact, I’m the girl who wears fake lime-green frames on my face just because they’re “cute,” not because I need glasses. I live in a funky little downtown hi-rise with a lively, eccentric restaurant scene. I love being weird. Actually, I take pride in it.

For Memorial Day weekend, I ventured back to Atlanta to visit my twin sis, and we sauntered over to one of the city’s most artistic neighborhoods: Downtown Decatur. Actually, Atlanta has a ton of little hippy, artistic gems, including Cabbagetown, East Atlanta Village, Little Five Points, the Old Fourth Ward, Reynoldstown, West Midtown—the list goes on and on. Great places for a writer like me to get inspired.

It just so happened, because of Memorial Day weekend, there was an art festival that brought out some of the city’s best and most distinct artwork. Even more than usual, Decatur was teeming with artsy wares and art lovers. And I noticed that the crazier the artwork, the more attention the artists got—and the more sales that they made.

On this particular weekend, we ventured over to peruse the zigzag aisles of Wild Oats & Billy Goats, a funky folk art gallery smack dab in the middle of this hippie haven. I fell in love with a painting of a little puppy. The artist, Robin Anne Cooper, creates original pieces that feature family pets. The only things that she doesn’t paint are eyes.

Très cute, right?

The saleslady at Wild Oats & Billy Goats told me Robin’s one of the most popular artists. Her work is distinct, and it’s, well, a little weird. Quirky. Most of all it’s memorable, which makes it a desirable purchase.

I’ve noticed during the past year that one of the best ways to market a product is to be distinct and quirky. Without going completely off brand, it’s the marketers who aren’t afraid to create a strategy that’s off the beaten path who get consumers talking and sales spiking. (Think GEICO’s Hump Day ad or Snickers‘ perpetual You’re Not You When You’re Hungry campaign).

The editors at DM News have—and continue to—culled the best marketing strategies for you to consider. This week, I want to draw attention to some of the more quirky ones. I encourage you and your teams to not just read about them but truly consider them, and then give them a try. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

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