QuickMarketing Offers Campaign Analysis

QuickMarketing Inc. is offering a free six-month trial to its members-only Web site, which allows e-businesses to plan, execute and analyze online marketing activities. The service costs $99 yearly per user after the free trial ends.

The secured service touts timeline-oriented features that allow companies to break down past and ongoing campaigns in terms of budgets, sales, industries, geography and other marketing information.

The service also offers pre-production for emerging e-businesses seeking Web analysis or for companies that want to rethink their online marketing initiatives. QuickMarketing provides an extensive question-and-answer program designed to help marketers decide what type of online campaigns best suit their needs.

If an e-business wants to create awareness, for example, the program will suggest banner ads or press releases. Additionally, the Web site can help companies plan 10 types of marketing campaigns.

QuickMarketing, Bellevue, WA, has partnerships with numerous e-mail and Web marketing services firms, such as yesmail.com and Exactis.com, which are suggested service providers.

Another feature is post-campaign analysis, which uses charts to depict the performance of different company departments. This feature helps marketers judge what money was spent most wisely in a campaign through figures such as cost of customer acquisition.

QuickMarketing also can create a library of all campaigns implemented at the site, allowing companies to use current and past marketing ideas in the future.

“With so many companies experiencing high turnover rates, there tends to be a lack of institutional history,” said John Christensen, CEO/co-founder of the firm. “Many times when people leave a company, past campaigns leave with them.”

Christensen said his company recently targeted 2,500 small and mid-sized Web firms with an e-mail campaign of its own. He said that more than 7 percent of e-mails produced a response, although the number of new subscriptions generated was not available.

Ben Pomeroy, spokesman at QuickMarketing, said the Web firm is developing a program for offline marketing that will be implemented at www.quickmarketing.com. Additional information can be found at the site.

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