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Qualcomm names new CMO

Anand Chandrasekher has been named CMO of Qualcomm, a 3G and next-generation mobile technology company, a Qualcomm representative told Direct Marketing News.

Chandrasekher replaces previous CMO Jeff Jacobs, who left the company to pursue other opportunities, according to a Qualcomm spokesperson. Chandrasekher reports to Steve Mollenkopf, president and COO at Qualcomm.

“In the role of CMO, Anand will oversee global marketing and external communications, as well as strengthen the company’s relationship with its external stakeholders,” says a Qualcomm representative.

Chandrasekher previously worked in global operating and management. He also has experience in strategic planning, product development, and marketing. Previously, Chandrasekher was SVP of Intel Corp. and general manager of Intel’s Ultra Mobility Group, where he was in charge of the company’s Atom processor line. Chandrasekher, who was with Intel for 25 years, held a variety of roles there, including head of Intel’s worldwide sales and marketing group.

Intel replaced Chandrasekher in his previous position as with Mike Bell and Dave Whalen.

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