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Psychic Friends Network revamps site for younger demographic

The Psychic Friends Network (PFNI) is partnering with digital marketing solutions provider New Media Plus for a mid-June revamp of the PFNI website designed to enable customers to pre-buy minutes and directly connect with the company’s spiritual advisors, said PFNI’s CEO Marc Lasky.

PFNI’s new website arrives as the company attempts to appeal to a wider demographic, Lasky said. “In PFNI’s heyday in the mid-90s, our consumers were largely women, aged 30 to 60,” Lasky explained, estimating that the brand then received an average of 14,000 calls per day.

“PFNI is looking to appeal to a younger audience that, with a social media angle, may include more males,” Lasky said, alluding to an incentive that offers site visitors a caller credit if the visitor tweets about PFNI or “likes” the company on Facebook.

Since the FTC tightened regulations around 900 numbers, Lasky conceded that PFNI’s popularity reduced, adding that in recent years the company has had “a few phone lines up and has been active on a small level.”

The revamped PFNI website will take a multichannel approach with click-to-call functionality, callback requests, SMS messaging and both video and text chat options. Prior to the new site’s debut, PFNI customers had only been able to connect live to a spiritual advisor via the telephone.

Additionally, payment for services occurred only over the phone; the revamped site is designed to enable online payments and is equally accessible to both U.S. customers and international customers.

PFNI’s partnership with New Media Plus is expected to be long term, Lasky said, though he declined to detail the terms of the partnership. The price-per-minute fee for PFNI’s services will for now remain consistent across all channels, Lasky said, adding that this is subject to change depending on the popularity of each channel.

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