Protus acquires GOT Corporation

Communications firm Protus has acquired GOT Corporation, the e-mail services company that runs the Campaigner and Campaigner Pro programs, in an undisclosed deal.

The acquisition is a part of Protus’ strategic focus to offer more kinds of subscription-based software to small businesses.

“We’ve been very interested in the e-mail space as a way to offer our customers more software services,” said Steve Adams, VP of marketing at Protus. “Campaigner fits our target market and the demand that our customers are interested in.”

Under the terms of the deal, Campaigner will bring its e-mail marketing package to Ottawa-based Protus’ existing suite of tools for small businesses, which includes MyFax and My1voice, Protus’ virtual PBX phone service.

GOT Corporation will continue to work with its existing client base including Nokia, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Nielsen Media Research, AT&T and West49.

“Protus is a large organization with a lot of customers and we will benefit form their infrastructure,” said Luc Vezina, VP Marketing and Product Management at Campaigner.

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