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Prospectiv Direct Links Consumers, Health-Related Firms

Online marketing services company Prospectiv Direct launched Healthy-Individual.com last month, a Web site that lets pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumer packaged goods companies target opt-in consumers interested in firms that provide health-related products.

Prospectiv Direct, Woburn, MA, created Healthy-Individual.com to serve pharmaceutical and CPG companies that are turning to the Internet to build direct-to-consumer relationships.

“We have seen an emerging trend in which pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods companies are realizing the value of using the Internet to establish relationships and build brand loyalty,” Prospectiv Direct president/CEO Jere Doyle said. “Healthy-Individual.com is our answer to that trend, offering both marketers and consumers a site specifically dedicated to targeted communications about healthcare products and services.”

Consumers learn about Healthy-Individual.com via banner ads on health-related and general Web sites. When they enter the site, they can provide their e-mail address and ZIP code along with demographic, attitudinal and behavioral data, personal preferences, areas of interest and medical information in exchange for offers and promotions from national brands. Clients can offer customers Web-based promotions or send promotions to consumers through e-mails.

“All this information is voluntary, but it allows us to do a good job of delivering to a customer the right promotions, whether they be samples [or] announcements of a new and improved program,” Doyle said. “It will offer companies the chance to acquire customers and build real direct-to-patient and direct-to-consumer relationships,”

Doyle said he “is very happy with the results” so far but did not offer the number of customers who have signed up since its launch.

Prospectiv Direct has experience in such sites since it builds and maintains proprietary customer and prospect databases for clients, deploys personalized e-mail marketing campaigns to confirmed opt-in members and works with companies on geographically targeted promotions.

Prospectiv Direct also is the parent company of Eversave.com, a site started in 1999 that provides geographically targeted promotions to consumers who opt in to receive them. Consumers come to Eversave.com seeking local promotions and coupons and get the chance to sign up for promotions from larger retailers like TJ Maxx or Marshall's. Consumers learn about Eversave.com through local Web sites that feature Eversave's content as well as through banner ads and e-mail marketing. Eversave.com has 8 million opt-in, active e-mail addresses.

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