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Prospecting Places Music Stand Catalog Atop ParadyszMatera List Growth Report

A more aggressive prospecting strategy and a broader mix of merchandise boosted The Music Stand catalog to the top of the heap in the gifts and collectibles category based on percentage growth for the first quarter of 2005, according to ParadyszMatera's list universe ranking.

List brokerage ParadyszMatera maintains a database of 12-month list universe counts on 76,000 properties through its research division. The firm ranks the top catalogs by percentage and volume increases quarterly in the home, apparel and gifts/collectibles categories. It generates top-five rankings in other categories such as general merchandise. ParadyszMatera, New York, generates its MarketTrends consumer catalog reports quarterly through its proprietary MarketRelevance direct mail promotion-tracking tool.

The Music Stand catalog file increased by 308.7 percent for Q1 2005 to 84,039 last-12-month names versus 20,561 last-12-month names in Q1 2004.

“They were much more aggressive with the catalog, especially in the fourth quarter of 2004,” said Karen Mayhew, senior vice president of consumer list management at Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, which manages the file.

She added that the company prospected much more heavily in the middle to latter part of last year and experienced the biggest growth during the fourth quarter holiday season.

Mayhew added that the catalog has become more mass market though it still carries a wide range of its signature music-related gift and collectible items.

“They’re starting to branch out in that they have some gift items in there that are not strictly music-related,” Mayhew said. “They have added some dance items and garden items and even apparel that doesn’t necessarily have a musical note on it.”

Direct Media has managed The Music Stand file since late 2003 when Concepts Direct owned it. In late 2004, Concepts Direct founder Phil Wiland sold his catalogs including The Music Stand. Direct Retailing Inc., Ozark, MO, now owns the title.

However, Mayhew said the growth strategy was in place before the sale.

The Music Stand file is 80 percent female with an age range of 35-60, an income range of $35,000-$50,000 and an average unit of sale of $55.

In the apparel category, Urban Outfitters had the largest percentage gain, growing 206.8 percent from 177,527 last-12-month buyers in Q1 2004 to 544,677 last-12-month buyers in Q1 2005.

The Urban Outfitters list is 67 percent female, targets adults ages 18-30 and has an average order of $75.

Pottery Barn Teen grew the most in terms of percentage in the home category, going from 89,763 last-12-month names to 302,471 last-12-month names — a jump of 237 percent. The file is managed by ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, Weehawken, NJ. It is 80 percent female, with an age range of 35-54, average income of $110,000-plus and an average unit of sale of $220.

In terms of volume, three other titles topped the report’s rankings.

The regular Pottery Barn catalog was No. 1 in the home category with 1,505,464 last-12-month Q1 2005 buyers, up 678,348 names from 827,116 last-12-month buyers in Q1 2004.

L.L. Bean grew by 534,566 names to 4,311,215 last-12-month buyers for Q1 2005 over 3,776,649 last-12-month buyers in Q1 2004 to top the apparel category.

In the gifts and collectibles category, Collections Etc. ranked first with 2,054,057 last-12-month names, up 334,529 names from 1,719,528 last-12-month names in Q1 2004.

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