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Program Drives Catalog Shoppers Online

BelcaroGroup, Greenwood Village, CO, the parent of ShopAtHome.com and ShopAtHomeSelect.com, is offering CatalogBonus!, a new program to help convert qualified prospects into Internet purchasers.

ShopAtHome.com will use search engines, e-mail promotions, word of mouth and its own catalog to draw prospects. A link at the ShopAtHome Web site moves visitors to the new Catalog Bonus! section where they can find participating catalogs. Visitors order the catalog with the understanding that BelcaroGroup will send them up to $10 for making an online purchase of any size at the cataloger's Web site. ShopAtHomeSelect.com provides links to participating catalogs.

BelcaroGroup then forwards the customer's contact information, including an opt-in e-mail address, to the catalogers the customers ordered. When the customer makes the initial purchase, BelcaroGroup e-mails the rebate notification immediately with rebate checks mailed quarterly.

The program has 70 participants featured on ShopAtHome.com, including Eddie Bauer, Sharper Image, Lane Bryant and One Step Ahead.

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