Prerecorded Message Gets Business Owner In Trouble

A Texas judge ordered a local business owner earlier this month to leave his name and home phone number on the prerecorded messages his company broadcasts after a consumer sued him on charges of violating the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The judge in Houston also ordered Donald Stafford Borden, owner of Lone Star Utility Savers Inc., to pay $5,000 to the consumer and stop making unsolicited prerecorded telephone solicitations.

According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, an attorney for Borden tried to argue that a technical glitch led to the company’s autodialer calling the consumer by accident. The consumer who sued had made extensive documentation of the company’s telemarketing, including taped recordings of the prerecorded messages and photographs of the consumer’s caller ID box showing the phone number from which the messages were coming.

The consumer also claimed he had requested placement on the company’s do-not-call list, according to the report.

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